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2019-05-11 Lunch Gathering in Shatin with Ma Sir

Dear All,

We had a gathering on 11 May 2019(Saturday). Soon all of us are seated in Lei Yuen Restaurant in Shatin. Ten of us present, including Ma Sir. Others present are NN, Kakoo, Koon Tai, Tomson, Ralph, Stephen, Alianna, Siu Ling & Woon Yee.

Ma Sir has not joined our gathering for some time. When he comes,we find him a fit fellow, even looking better than us. We can then ease our mind. Still we ask how Ma Sir is keeping the health so well. We learned many things from Ma Sir before, and we don't miss the chance to learn again. Ma Sir said it is easy as he just keeps doing a fast-walking exercise on a running machine(跑步機).Sometimes in the club house, now with a small auxillary one in the house, bought from Osim. But nothing is more important than setting the machine with an elevation of 15 degree. This helps strengthen the backbone.

We continued our chattering and the eating. Alianna said she was studying in Tsung Tsin Secondary School(崇真中學) after TPS, and noticed that a few of our classmates were also in Tsung Tsin. NN said 萬里程, 孫西霖 & 連潤妹 were in Tsung Tsin. Koon Tai was also in Tsung Tsin. NN went on saying that Koon Tai has written a Poem of the Autumn River and give to連潤妹. He then recited the poem to us. We are hearing and can see Koon Tai showing a deep feeling of self content, and keeping a smiling face all the way. With some surprise, Alianna wondered why she never saw Koon Tai in School and why without any connection to her. If you have ever seen a traditional show of the Chinese Changing Face, you will know how quick a face can be changed. Imitating to be serious, Koon Tai has to explain that as he studied one more year there, his relationship to her is already clear cut and she can find him no more in school. We all laughed at his humour.

Some of our classmates has been lost contact, NN said. 陳火貴 has once joined back to us, but then lost contact, as he opted so.Same as 李國榮(Alex Lee), he opted to leave our forum. Woon yee said this is curious, as Alex has been so eager to join back to us. Is it because some of us cannot remember him when he came back to us?  No, though he did not study P6, this should not be any problem. NN said maybe in a few cases he cannot join Alex's invitations, because of busy. Still we cannot understand, and let Alex decide his option. NN said we also missed 陳忠信(Alex Chan).He has responded & contributed to our raising education fund for Sau Wah's daughters. But then he kept himself invisible again. We hope he is going well. We talked about Sau Wah & Mice as well, hoping they are getting on well.

KaKoo said some of us joined TPS after P2, but he joined after P3. Ralph said also joined after P3, as it was said that if you are not in the top 10 in your school, you will not have the chance to sit the TPS entrance examination. Alianna said when she was sitting that exam, her grandfather told her to sit well, and after the exam she will have a cone of ice-cream. Stephen said he met a friend who just put down the name & go away. Ralph said maybe the exam is not so difficult so we all can sit here now. Woon Yee said you just put the thing the other way round. It was because we all passed that exam and those not passed were not sitting here. Stephen said TPS welfare is very good and has eye inspection for students. When the inspection slip came, those with the slip could immediately quit the lesson and  went to Sai Yee Street(洗衣街)for the checking. Ralph said the teeth inspection also. Each time quite a number of us quitted the lessons and went to digging of the teeth.

Time passed easy, Stephen has to go, as he has booked a practice of the Ping Pong. NN said why not we go together, and we then took a group photo before we searched for the afternoon.


Monday, March 11, 2019

2019-03-11 A Fascinating TPS hoto Album Complied by Kwok Kit Wah, Great job well done, Bravo !



2019-03-10 Happy TPS Gathering with Raymond Yau in HK

 Hi TPS buddies,

We have had a nice gathering in Shatin Jade Garden resturant with Raymond coming back to Asia for holidays in Spring 2019. Looking forward to more & more TPS guys coming back for reuion after their retirement.


Friday, February 15, 2019

2018-10-16 Dinner Gathering with Hui Sau Wah in Tung Chung

Great to see Sau Wah still doing fine after heavy chemo treatment. We all strongly support him and wish him good success in fighting the cancer. With his determination to win and great amount of love from his family, friends and all of us, he will certainly recover soon in near future. May God gives Sau Wah all the strong support and the strength he needs to become healthy and fine again soon.


2018-07-08 Visiting Mice Lee in Care Centre

2019-02-11 Dinner Gathering, Rudy Kwok coming back

We have had a great dinner gathering on Feb 11, 2019 in Jade Garden Monkok, with the very valuable presence of Kwok Kit Wah, Rudy and his wife coming back to HK. For some of us, this was really an exciting occasion because we haven't seen Rudy since we left TPS. It's absolutely great to find him healthy and fine. Hope he could come back more often.



Event Report in details by Ralph Lam :
We had a dinner gathering on 11 Feb 2019 in Jade Garden Restaurant(翠園酒樓) in Mongkok. Thirteen of us present, NN, Kakoo, Rudy+wife, Tomson+wife, Koon Tai+wife,Mona, Siu Ling,Stephen, Kai Ming & Ralph . Rudy (郭傑華)came back from Canada..

Rudy has lost contact with us for years. Last year end, Joe made a contact with Rudy’s brother and found Rudy. Now we sit together and Rudy said that he can recognize each of us. He was so kind that he said we haven’t  changed our looking.  As we began to chatter, Kai Ming suddenly said: Wait, don’t chatter, I want to put money into your pocket. Everybody was surprised at his speaking. Some astonished, and some smiled, thinking that he was kidding. Then he took out some red packet Lucky Money envelopes showing that he is serious. See this, NaiNai said if needed to give, he will give, and no need for Kai Ming’s money. Kai Ming then had to explain what he is giving out is something special. He said what he is going to give to each of us is a coin of the North Sung Dynasty(北宋古錢), which is valueless. Everyone of us thanked Kai Ming for this.

Ralph said have seen the video of Rudy’s daughter Emily playing wrestling, and said the referee should put her hand up earlier, then the opponent will not suffer too much when nearly cannot breathe. Rudy said no accident has ever come up. The referee has to wait for her to surrender. Nainai said Emily is world champion of the Brazil Wrestling. If you google Emily Kwok, you will find her. Tomson asked if Rudy was living in Shatin when he was in TPS. No, Rudy said he lived in 下禾輋. NaiNai said 許玉華 & 陳火貴 lived in Shatin. They once joined back to us like Alex Lee李國榮, but thereafter lost contact again. Mona & Siu Ling were very surprised that Alex Lee lost contact again. Stephen said he remembered a phrase from Rudy 50 years ago. One day they were in the railway line, a strong wind blowed towards them, and blowed away Rudy’s study notes and blowed out the golden words from Rudy. Rudy said, its good, now the study notes are blown, and no need to study so much for the exam.

Rudy told us how he met his better half many years ago in Canada, now living in Richmond in Vancouver, just having a trip to Korea and come back to Hong Kong.In fact, this is the second time he came back to Hong Kong, last time was in 2018. He said that Hong Kong changed a lot, much different from when he left Hong Kong. KaKoo and NaiNai showed the photos of our classmates in this 50 years to Rudy as well as the several gatherings in Canada. There we have 黃國輝, 郭冠仁, 歐訓佳, 歐穎兒, 陳忠信, 張敏德. NaiNai said regret that he cannot make contact with陳忠信. 陳忠信has showed his sympathy on Sau Wah’s case. Several of us have tried to contact him but no response comes back. A voice said 許華仙 is also in medical trouble and asked if I know. Koon Tai then asked how is your brother’s case? Which doctor is now attending Sau Wah? Thanks for everybody having concern on people near us. Ralph said that his brother did lots of medical checks every now and then but cannot detect the cancer. Though he worries it is, but the cancer index is near zero and doctors told him not to worry. On Sep 2017 he talked to an old medical friend to help checking, and found the cancer index is extremely high, stage 4 with a fierce cancer in liver, and his life should in no case be more than 3 months. This friend referred a Doctor Chan to him, this doctor has a mind to deal with him and my brother followed every word & suggestion from this doctor. Chemotherapy(化療) has no effect in his case and worsen rapidly. This Doctor Chan changed to use a treatment called 吊針免疫治療, a treatment which needs a criterior that the patient’s certain blood index achieving a certain suitable level.  Upon half year treatment, the 11cm cancer becomes zero. Koon Tai said this is miracle. NaiNai asked if he takes any kind of 補品. Ralph said we know many, like 花生衣水, 五青汁、薯仔汁、my brother said he tried all but are no use. Doctor Chan said there may have coincidence happened during treatments, but there is no real medical evidence that these work. My brother now will not take any of these. He is still living in this world. NaiNai asked if he is totally recovered. Mona said you have to see the cancer index. Ralph agreed with Mona. It may go & come again. Siu Ling asked if any side effect with this treatment. Ralph said yes, like sore throat, diarrhea, no appetite, but these are minor, and exercise is very important. NaiNai said better refer this doctor to Sau Wah. Ralph said Sau Wah is now seeing this doctor, but Sau Wah is facing more on the pains which he cannot take away with the other doctors, and is referring to Pain Specialist recommended by Doctor Chan now, see if the 電療will relieve his pain. Mona said it is better if Sau Wah will line up in Government Hospital treatment as long term the treatment will be very costly in private doctors.

Stephen was wearing a special knapsack when he came. Tomson has been asking what is its function. Before we finished our dinner, Stephen said that was for cooling the back and massage the back muscles. Before we go, Stephen took out a purse and dropped out an ancient coin to let Kai Ming to see. Kai Ming immediately said this is of Ching Dynasty, but this one is common as it is plenty. Stephen said then he will polish the北宋古錢 and put inside. Kai Ming made a smile. We ended our dinner. 

Ralph Lam

Friday, July 14, 2017

Flower Photo Album by KM Cheng

Dear All TPS 64 Buddies,

Our honorable chairman KM Cheng has posted so far lots of of his photo masterpieces in our whatsapp group. All pictures are so charming and professional; I think they should be probably kept in this blog forever. I therefore selected all flower pictures and posted an album here. Hope all buddies can enjoy them anytime you like.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Friday, December 16, 2016

April 19: TPS 70th Anniversary Gathering / Dec 10 : Gathering, Kan Pik Ha back to HK

TPS was celebrating her 70th Anniversary on 19th April 2016. Below are some of the snapshots: 

2016-12-10  Gathering, Kan Pik Ha back to HK:
TPS 64 buddies had a wonderful gathering on Dec 10, 2016 with Pik Ha and her husband coming back to HK for a short stay. It was great to find them in extremely good shape, looking incredibly younger than all of us. We were so jealous of the good quality of life in Canada that keeps people happy & young. We do hope all those overseas buddies could come back HK more often so that we could have more TPS reunion occasions.


Thursday, May 08, 2014

2014-09-06 50th Anniversary Snapshots

After long and good amount of preparation, the celebration on 50th anniversary since our graduation in TPS was finally taken place on 6th Sept 2014. It was a great and enjoyable event with both AM & PM class joining, particularly the honorable participation of both teachers Mr. Ma Kai Woon and Mr. Yeung Yuen Ling. Below are some valuable snapshots of the event :

Sourvenir Presentation to Mr. Ma :


Singing Performance by Timothy Poon ( I dreamed a dream ) :  

Closing Speech by Stephen Tang:

Old bird eye view photo of TPS :

It happened that I obtained an old bird eye view photo of TPS. It was really a very old one but I could not trace the year. You could recognise that the cotton tree was still young and not fully grown up yet at that time ! Valuable and amazing, isn't it ?